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As Home Loan Broker Melbourne at Winning Wealth Finance, we are widely known for providing low rate home loan service. Nowadays, with society being advanced & modernized, people have become more prone towards safeguarding their finances.

Hence, Winning Wealth Finance helps clients save their valuable time, efforts and money by offering the best Home Loan Brokerage. Just tell us your need to our expert mortgage broker & let us find a perfect mortgage solution in order to make your concern mitigated.

We have a large panel of lenders to choose you a low rate home loan service that will exactly meet your requirement & help build your dream house.

Top Features of Our Home Loan Service

Refinancing home loan interest rate starts from 2.09% fixed for 2 years and also a cashback up to $4000.

Split Home Loan

In this type of home loan, your loan is divided into two parts, one is changeable and the other one is fixed. If you want to avail the flexibility of a changeable loan and fully fixed one, you may go for a split home loan.

Variable Interest Rate Loan

There are two variable interest rates in loans - the ‘basic’ one & the ‘standard’ one. If you want a lower rate with lesser flexibility in loans, you should choose the basic one. Whereas, if you are looking for repayment flexibility with a higher rate of interest, ‘standard’ is the ideal one for you.

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Fixed Interest Rate Loan

The loan under this term is fixed with a certain rate for one to five years. It guarantees your repayments won’t be affected with the changes in interest rates. However, as a part of the mutual agreement with lenders, this fixed rate can be altered at the end of the given time period. Also, it can be converted into a changeable rate provided the wish of the customer.

Interest Only

Generally, the interest is given as the repayment of this principal amount. Usually, it occurs for a period of up to 5 years. As it doesn’t involve repaying off your principal, the amount of repayment is lower. At the end of the scheduled time period, you will start paying off both the principal and interest.

Low Documentation Loan

This type of home loan is probably the best choice for the entrepreneurs or someone who is just about to set up his own business as it needs less amount of documentation to get approved. Though the higher rate of deposits might be mandatory.

Honeymoon or Introductory Loans

Mostly those home buyers, who have bought their first home, might be interested in considering this option. It is quite popular among common people. Discounted rate for the first six or twelve months can be obtained through this type of loan. Afterwards, it rolls back to the normal variable rate.

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