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What To Look For Before Getting a Vehicle Finance In Melbourne

Buying a vehicle is surely a one of a kind feeling but it comes with responsibility as well. Once you’re decided to go for a vehicle finance in Melbourne and presented with a lot of options, it’s the fine print that really requires your attention. The trick is to find a loan with the best features for you.

Here Winning Wealth Finance presents 4 important points to watch out before you apply for a vehicle loans in Melbourne:

No Hidden Fees

While you’re selecting a low rate car loan, make sure it doesn’t contain any hidden charges or fees. Take it into your prime consideration as there might be some hidden fees applicable only after you sign up. Just keep in mind that if you’re late with your repayments, no matter how low your ongoing fees are, you’ll have to stump up a late payment fee.

No Early Exit Penalty

Can you pay out your vehicle loan early without penalty? If you come into extra money and want to pay off your loan early, before the term ends, you want to know that you can do so without being penalised. This will differ between lenders and the loan type you apply for so make sure you enquire about this feature.

Extra Payments Without Penalty

Can you make extra payments off your car loan? Doing so will allow you to pay off the loan sooner and can potentially save you money. You or your finance broker can enquire on your behalf whether your car loan allows extra repayments, will you be charged for doing so, and if there is a limit on how many repayments you can make within a certain time frame. These are the finer details you should find out before signing in to anything.

Redraw Facility

If you have set up extra repayments but also want to be able to withdraw these if you find yourself in need of money on the spot, a redraw facility is the car loan feature you’ll need to sort this out.

Other features you can also look for would be the option to choose your repayment period and the length of approval for a car loan application.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, why not head on and start your car loan shopping spree and call Winning Wealth Finance at 0432 593 753.


Car finance broker in Melbourne can make your car loan approval quicker and easier by handling all the paperwork and doing all the legal work on your behalf. If you are struggling from a less-than-perfect credit history, are self-employed, or haven’t built up a credit profile yet, a car loan broker can uncover more opportunities to access car finance. As they work with range of accredited lenders, they can look through all the possible options to find you the most competitive deal.

Thus, all you need to do is find the car you want from a reputable dealer & your reputed car finance broker will help you with a top-notch car finance in Melbourne for your next car.

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